Consultations and appointments can be made through our website. We will need your full name and a detailed description of what you are looking to get. After the consultation, we will check the artist’s schedule and see what days are available to get the work done. CLICK HERE to make an Appointment

Final price depends on three factors.

  1. Size
  2. Placement
  3. Design details

To get a precise quote it is always best to come by our shop and consult with the artist directly. Based on the size, placement and design details the artist will be able to provide a rough quote for your piece.  *Our studio starting price is IDR 1.000.000 .

If you are unable to visit our studio for a consultation we will be able to provide a rough quote via an online consultation. For bookings or price inquiries you can contact our studio via email or by filling in the appointment form and our studio managers will get back to you shortly.

Yes we do! It is strictly on a first come first serve basis. However we will be able to help you ONLY if there is an artist available. The best way to guarantee a spot is to set up an appointment ahead of time.

If you are travelling or in the area looking to walk in, it’s always a good idea to contact our studio beforehand to see if there is an artist available.

  • Phone / Whatsapp : +62 8221 777 5857
  • Email : info@tobymyer.com 
  • Instgram : @tobymyertattoobali
  • Facebook Page : Toby Myer Tattoo 

Yes. Once everything is agreed and settled (artist, appointment date, quote) we ask that you place a deposit to secure your appointment.

  1. Deposits are NOT REFUNDABLE in any case.
  2. We require a deposit for session to secure your appointment with the artist. The deposit will be taken off the total price. If you have multiple sessions with the artist the remaining amount is to be paid on first session.
  3. If you need to change your appointment date due to unforeseen circumstances you may change the date given a minimum of one week (7 days) notice
  4. Please keep in mind. We could start to working on the design rightafter you pay the deposit. And we will send the design 3-4 days by your email or whatsapp.

Yes, we could change your design. You have 2 chances to change the design. The proccess took 3-4 days to change the design, but sometimes took faster if its just only a minor change.

Please be well rested before your appointment. We recommend to have a good night sleep and eat well before you come in to your session.

We also recommend to moisturize your skin months/weeks ahead of your appointment. Moisturized skin will reduce your tattoo time and increase the quality of your tattoo. In note, on the day of your appointment please do NOT shave yourself or apply any lotion or oil on the area you are looking to get tattooed.

Lastly please wear appropriate clothing for your session. Something that is extremely comfortable and in black color would be great as ink may stain your clothing.

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