Are you thinking of getting a tattoo on us?  Check our hygiene standarts now.
We believe that hygiene is very important in our business. That is why our store premises is always clean and in tip-top shape adhering to London THRS  (Tattoo Hygiene Rating Scheme) guidelines. All reusable equipment is cleaned and sterilized right after use, and used items are discarded properly. We clear the place of rubbish every day, and store attendants make sure to sweep the floor several times in a day.
Since tattooing involves skin penetration and the drawing of blood, the risk of spreading disease is higher. Thus our establishment is required to follow infection control practices. Our tattoo artists must be registered with the local council. Our shop always uses new needles from sealed packages. Tattoo artists use clean gloves when handling a new customer. Our staff undergo training workshops that inform them of the proper observance of hygiene and cleanliness procedures during the conduct of service. We also practice regular hand-washing and hand-sanitization to minimize the transfer of any virus or bacteria. So don’t worry, you’re in good hands.
So What is the Tattoo Hygiene Rating Scheme (THRS)?
The THRS is a compulsory inspection scheme. All tattoo studios in the borough are inspected and given a rating on cleanliness and hygiene control measures (not quality of artistry). The purpose of the scheme is to:

  • drive up standards and adoption of Best Practice within the tattoo industry
  • reduce risks of infection and transmission of infectious diseases from tattooing procedures

And also our studio is awarded a very good rating based upon the following criteria:

  • cleanliness of premises and fittings
  • cleansing and sterilization of needles, instruments, materials and equipment
  • record keeping
  • cleanliness and personal hygiene of operators

At TOBY MYER  TATTOO BALI, we also use the most advanced vacuum autoclave sterilisation for all equipment used in the application of your tattoo.  If you have any questions regarding our hygiene procedures or your safety, please don’t hesitate to visit the studio for a guided tour of our sterilisation routines. Cheers!

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